Spreading the Word

Yesterday I had the privilege of covering a story on Savannah hippie-hop band Word of Mouth.

Word of Mouth’s band logo




This past weekend, tags of the band’s logo appeared on the walls of some downtown Savannah businesses. But the tags weren’t thrown up by the band.

They think it was done by some “WOMbies.”

A WOMbie is the opposite of a zombie. The band coined the term to refer their listeners as “the dead living.”

“Too many people are dead.” T. Locke, the band’s spoken word poet, said. “We need to bring ’em to life.”

Some members of the band were out promoting their Thursday night show with chalk on the night of the incident. They think that some WOMbies saw the logo and decided to represent.

Even though Word of Mouth is pleased that fans felt inspired to get creative and promote the band, they don’t condone defacing public property.

And for those who think the band is responsible for the tacky graffiti, T. Locke insists: “If we would’ve done the graffiti, trust me, it would have been much nicer.”

The band spoke with local authorities and offered to do their best to clean up the WOM tags on some of the buildings.

Miggs, T. Locke, DCB and Lucia Aurora painting over WOM tag.

Word of Mouth is comprised of:

Jeff: bass guitar, cello

Aurora: vocals, piano

Matt Duplessie: synth

Miggs: rapper, trumpet

DCB: guitar

T. Locke: spoken word, percussion, xylophone

Melissa Hagerty: vocals, acoustic, theramin

Adam Bailey: drums

WOM originally came together in spring ’09 as part of a larger group of individual artists who were all known as Word of Mouth. The dynamic of the original band was so effective at the few parties they played together in ’09 that, after a year hiatus, the band got back together with additional members and a stronger creative energy.

“There are eight of us,” said Lucia Aurora. “And we’re so different but we work together as one unit.” The band wants to set an example by inspiring people of different styles and ways of life to come together for a cause, regardless of those differences.

Despite the graffiti incident, Word of Mouth encourages WOMbies and civilians to come to life at their free show at Live Wire Music Hall this Thursday night to celebrate bassist Jeff DeRosa’s birthday.

“We’re not trying to sell you anything,” said DCB. “We just wanna bring people together.”

Live Wire Music Hall is a 21 and up venue located at 307 West River St.

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