“Runaway fast as you can!”


Artwork for Kanye's single Runaway.

When people tell me they hate Kanye West, I don’t mind. When people tell me they don’t like his music, I laugh under my breathe.

I don’t feel the need to defend the dude – his resumé speaks for itself. Despite him being an “asshole,” he makes brilliant, cutting-edge music. And now film can be added to the list.

MTV premiered his short film Runaway last night.

Runaway is a visual representation of his upcoming album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, set for release on November 22.

My only complaint about the Kanye West directed film, written by Hype Williams, is Kanye’s acting. I’ve seen videos of his live performances that are more heartfelt.

A friend of mine even went as far as to say “his acting was 6th grade play-esque at times.”

Either way, my eyes were glued. Runaway has a great balance of visuals and music, and the few moments of dialogue are brilliant.

“Ya never thought that hip-hop would take it this far.”

Here’s the interview MTV’s Sway did with Kanye following the video premiere.

*There are 17 parts to the interview, if you even care to watch them all.

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1 Response to “Runaway fast as you can!”

  1. I think I like the Runaway ballerina part the best, but damn, could there be a hotter phenix?

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