I Found Out

that there’s a John Lennon bus that tours the nation making it possible for students at schools throughout the country to record music with expensive, professional equipment. And shoot a video to correspond with the song they record.

The John Lennon bus.

The bus was in downtown Savannah outside of SCAD’s Jen Library for a few days – an ideal location to raise awareness since it’s across the street from Trustees Theater where most of the showings for the Savannah Film Festival are this week.

I got on the bus and had the privilege to see where and how students write, record and produce original songs and videos by “utilizing [using] the on-the-road John Lennon Educational Bus Tour.”

I think music education is a beautiful thing, and I resent the fact that I didn’t take advantage of the guitar lessons that my moms had me and my brother take at Jamaica Arts Center Jamaica Center for Arts & Learning when we lived in New York.

The John Lennon Educational Bus Tour is a great opportunity to show kids how music can bring people together and inspire change.

“This is precisely the kind of project that John Lennon would have loved.” Yoko Ono Lennon

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