School of Rock

I was talking with a friend from The Cape the other day, and he said something that I already knew but hadn’t actually realized.

There’s a particular song that turned out to be my transition into listening to rock music.

In fact, a few days prior, I was telling my brother about my Top 5 bands and mentioned the group.

Here’s the band and the particular song:

Yeah, maybe that’s cheesy. Maybe you don’t even consider that rock. Fuck you, it’s my blog and my life!

There’s just something about the song. It ended up being the theme song for my senior year of high school.

Me and a particular group of friends (you know who you are) would listen to it driving around Cape Coral, playing Halo 2, etc. You name it and we probably listened to Dance, Dance to make it better.

I listened to it every morning while getting ready for school for a couple weeks, and it even came on unexpectedly at our senior picnic – which I consider an omen of some sort.

Anyways, I like it because it’s a very fun song.

My Top 7 bands (in no particular order):

1. The Jimi Hendrix Experience

2. M83

3. Pink Floyd

4. Fall Out Boy

5. The Beatles


7. Radiohead

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3 Responses to School of Rock

  1. Beth says:

    This is an interesting list.

  2. Beth says:

    I do like Tenacious D. Top 7 (an unconventional number)? Hmm … here are tonight’s thoughts on that. (Tomorrow may be different.)

    1. KISS
    2. B-52’s
    3. Barenaked Ladies
    4. Dixie Chicks
    5. Duran Duran
    6. The Pixies
    7. The Monkees

    Honorable mention: Black Eyed Peas and the Police

    I see I’m only spanning 1970s-90s here, although most of these bands have had recent hits. The ’00s are sorely underrepresented in my iTunes library.

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