A Day in the Life.

Today’s been a good day.

It really started at midnight by consuming absurd amounts of E&J with some old pals. That was fun.

I puked like three times, which was disgusting but nice. I rarely puke from alcohol, so it threw me off a bit. That means I drank way to much. (It was probably from chugging E&J straight from the bottle.)


I went to my former college and spoke with my old philosophy professor about nothing and everything; it was enlightening and liberating. I also spoke with my old writing professor, who encouraged me and shared how proud she is of what I’m doing as a writer.

I fucking love them; great mentors.

My brother and I ate at Pita Pit. It was my first time. And unlike when I lost my virginity, I enjoyed it thoroughly. Joke, kinda.

Here’s a photo:

The Gyros topped with all sorts of tastiness. That's my brother sitting across from me.

I also watched this.

Kanye’s awesome. Fuck you.

I’m gonna watch the new Harry Potter movie with some comrades in a little bit – even though I’ve only seen one other Hogwarts flick in its entirety.

This is Adeshola signing off.

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