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Video: KiD CuDi – No One Believes Me

From what I gather, this is a song from the soundtrack of a film called Fright Night coming out this year. I really dig this song, and the video concept. *Fright Night trailer:

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Meet Roland

These fellas played at the launch party for SCAD’s student magazine District Quarterly. For the first band to play for the magazine they held it down.

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Video: Whitney Summerall – Sea of Love (Ukulele Cover)

A cover of Cat Power’s “Sea of Love” by this pretty young lady @wildrebelrosee

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Video: Turtle Island Quartet covers Hendrix songs

Ms. EyeDon’tKerr put me on to this. I love it. They represented for my man Jimi Hendrix.

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Savannah’s First Annual A-Town Get Down

The Savannah music scene seems to grow before my eyes on the reg. Here’s a little more about it: Savannah, get ready for the latest event in our city’s great tradition of live music festivals. Tickets are now on sale … Continue reading

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I’m thinking of doing a rendition of Sting and The Police’s “Roxanne.” But mine would be called “Zuzan” because… Fuck! There’s gotta be a law against looking and sounding so good. #sighs

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The Color Purple

I love the idea of being in love with Appollonia. If you haven’t watched Purple Rain you should probably change your lifestyle now. It’s pretty much the best cheesy movie of all time. All time! *BONUS

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