Video: Artemis 2011 Reading

I visited Nigeria for the first time in winter ’09 for my cousin’s traditional wedding. I wanted to write about it for some time but couldn’t. Until March of this year when I was taking Writing About Place with Jonathan Rabb at SCAD.

After great feedback and some structural changes, I submitted it for publication in the school’s literary journal. And they accepted it.

Here’s footage of me reading an except from my story about my life-changing experience in the country of my heritage.

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Music: Jay-Z & Kanye West “Watch The Throne”

This ain't the real artwork, it's just really funny.

Watch The Throne dropped, and I ain’t kill myself.

Buy it.

*Watch The Throne Documentary

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Video: Kendrick Lamar Section.80 in-store signing


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Video: The Boy Illinois on MTV Rap Fix w/ the Game and Sway

Sway and Game get to know The Boy Illinois a little bit on this snippet from a recent episode of MTV Rap Fix.

That’s a good look for the kid.

Watch it here.

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Poem: A Dream About My Momma

I had this dream a month before my mother passed on July 22. I read this recollection of the dream at my mother’s funeral service this past Tuesday morning.


I walked into my mother’s home expecting her not to be there, but instead still in the hospital.

But there she was. In the kitchen, cooking for me and my brother. Looking more alive than ever; probably healthier than the both of us.

But it scared me.

She was supposed to be “sick,” layed up in the hospital. And if she was discharged and allowed to come home she should’ve been in bed. Resting. I was afraid that she was confused. What with all the medications they have her on and the effects of the chemotherapy, and radiation she had months back, and the cancer cells that are renting out space in her brain. I was afraid that she might not remember me. That she would act strangely toward me.


She turned around and sort of smiled at me, still engaged in the cooking she was doing, pot of food in one hand, stirring spoon in the other. I was overwhelmed. How could she be so worried about preparing dinner for me and my brother when she was still recovering from everything she’d been through? With cancer? With her whole life?

I felt every emotion bottled inside my tall, dark frame combust sending the pressure up to my lid. I was blown away. We embraced one another. We hugged, pot of food still in her left hand and the spoon still in her right, around me.

I woke up. I burst out into tears. I gasped. I fought to catch my breath.

She’s so strong.

I love her.

Olayinka Akingbade’s Obituary

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Video: Lil B – R.I.P. Rap Game

This dude never ceases to make me laugh. And his flow on this classic track ain’t bad either.

“Let me remind you niggas, bitch I made the ‘Vans’ song.”

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Music: Bearz! – Soundtrack To A Dim Lit Room 1

It’s nice to see more creative music coming out of SW Florida. Bearz! of Cape Coral recently released audio journey called Soundtrack To A Dim Lit Room 1, and for the most part I like what I heard.

The intro track builds for 41 seconds then transitions into the stand-out track “Forgetting Ana” nicely, incorporating the very sounds built up in the intro. It’s fueled by sounds to get the audience pumped for a party or club night. It’s a dub-hop drug-induced experience.

“Inhale My Soul” explores smooth lounge sounds and. The bassline on this joint makes you wanna roll something up, close your eyes and explore the plains of your mind, while “Fake Fantasy” is an upbeat track that could easily be the club version of Adele’s “Rumor Has It.”

The closing track “6:06am” is a bit of a wake-up call. It’s real relaxed at first them suddenly it sounds like a radio alarm clock on the fritz.

The title of this 9-track project is perfect. All I could think about while reviewing the project is how nice it would be to chill out and vibe to it. If this is part 1 then I wonder where Bearz! will take us on the second installment.

Turn the lights down low, turn the volume up, press play and let these soundscapes be your tour guide for a half-hour.

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