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Knocking Boots(y)

Sean Carter posted these on BluntGutsNation last year, and it kinda blew my dome. I’m definitely a Hendrix stan but Bootsy Collins might one-up Jimi on showmanship – but not by too much. Apologies for the poor quality, but it’s … Continue reading

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I Found Out

that there’s a John Lennon bus that tours the nation making it possible for students at schools throughout the country to record music with expensive, professional equipment. And shoot a video to correspond with the song they record. The bus … Continue reading

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Adeshola’s Infinite Playlist: Limelight

There’s something that always fascinates me about this song. The lyrics. Geddy Lee’s vocals. The guitar solo. The energy. The whole song. And the live version adds so much more to it. I really don’t feel the need to say … Continue reading

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Adeshola’s Infinite Playlist: The Whale Song

One day during the summer, I heard this song at my job and I had to find out the name of it. “What is this instrumental awesomeness?!” I thought. I asked my co-worker, and he told me it was by … Continue reading

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