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Video: Turtle Island Quartet covers Hendrix songs

Ms. EyeDon’tKerr put me on to this. I love it. They represented for my man Jimi Hendrix.

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Knocking Boots(y)

Sean Carter posted these on BluntGutsNation last year, and it kinda blew my dome. I’m definitely a Hendrix stan but Bootsy Collins might one-up Jimi on showmanship – but not by too much. Apologies for the poor quality, but it’s … Continue reading

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School of Rock

I was talking with a friend from The Cape the other day, and he said something that I already knew but hadn’t actually realized. There’s a particular song that turned out to be my transition into listening to rock music. … Continue reading

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Rainbow bridging the gap

If you’ve spoken with me about music within the past two years then, chances are, you’ve heard me mention my undying admiration for Jimi Hendrix. Hendrix was just some ’60s psychedelic guitarist to me until I heard his cover of … Continue reading

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A Crime Against Art

It’s hard to believe that the art of Abdul Mati Klarwein hasn’t received the recognition it deserves. I’ll shed light on who he was for your sake – and art’s sake. Mati Klarwein was a psychedelic surrealist painter who produced … Continue reading

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